Greetings and Salutations

I have recently created a wiki for my own private purposes. I will be spending some time there (if anybody finds it: see paragraph 2), although I will still hang around here.

You all are welcome to try and find it: its title is related to a bit of information that I believe you all (or at least most of you) are aware of. However, I doubt that many of you will be successful.

If you do find said wiki, please do NOT tell anyone else of its existence. I would prefer for it to be kept private. Also, you should be aware of something: I created this wiki to ensure a place of peace where I could chat with friends (again, if you find it). Please note the word peace. I do not wish for arguments or petty squabbles to find their way into my wiki.

Also, as it is a new wiki, even if you guess the correct title, you may not find it through online searches. If a large amount of time goes by, I may consider giving some people the wiki's address.

That is all. ~ Waros

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