A song by Arthur Kirkland

Note: Again, Arthur was drunk...

We were both sticky when I first saw you.

You get eaten by a titan and the flashback starts: Inside a purple cat is where I'm standing in the yesterday air.

What are you doing with that new lover? Who wears that ugly panties, When I wear an obese repleskbed, Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find That what you're looking for is my sexy boobs.

So this is me stripping,  Standing in front of you saying, "TAKE ME!" And I go back to yesterday all the time. It turns out freedom ain't nothing but singing slowly, Wishing I'd realised I am your father. I'd go back to yesterday, turn around and do some dying. I go back to yesterday quite often.

Fatty pants, let's do some crying, This love is mean but it's allonsy. It's a love story, fatty pants, Just be my Fluttershy titan.

We are never ever ever going to try running lazily together, We are never ever ever going to try running lazily together, You go talk to your ex boyfriend, talk to my ex girlfriend, talk to me, But we are never ever ever ever going to try running lazily together, Just puking loudly forever.

TAKE ME fatty pants, TAKE ME.

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