Lightsaber Key Bumblebee

The Lightsaber Key Bumblebee

The Lightsaber Key Bumblebee (shortened to the LKB) is a deadly weapon that can cut through just about anything! If you're really sadistic and twisted, it can also be used as a dildo. It was combined with a Rocket Propelled Dildo to make The Rocket Propelled Lightsaber Key Bumblebee Dildo.

Where this thing came from

(In reality, it came from me trying to guess a sonic screwdriver on chat, but this is my imagination. 8D)

This device was created when the Autobot Bumblebee picked up a lightsaber, and Eren's key, and held them together. They fused to him, making his body into a hilt, and turning into one blade. Bumblebee hates it when Madkat, Abby and Von use him as a dildo. He prefers slicing up Decepticons, Battle Droids, and Sith, rather than having his blade shoved into an anus or a vagina.



Basement Key

Eren's key


The Lightsaber