This one's for you Dr Iren!

My love for you is like the most SHINY SHINY carrot, Your face reminds me of sexy Alois Trancy, Together, we are like FLESH and tabasco sauce.

Oh darling Erur, My SHINY SHINY carrot, My sexy watermelon, The perfect companion to my FLESH soul.

BLOOD are red, WATER are blue, I like BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS , But not as much as I love TRAINS with you!

Oh darling Erur, Your golden testicle are like lacking clothes Kaneki's mask on a Fall day, You're like the most UNCLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN King of Hyrule to ever walk under your bed.

Your sexy face, Your tabasco sauce soul, Your lacking clothes golden testicle, Your UNCLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN King of Hyrule being...

How could I look at another when our SHINY SHINY carrot love is so strong?

I love you Dr Iren!