"Arlert, come over here a minute, would you?" Armin spun around to meet Levi's sullen gaze. "Yes sir?" he asked meekly, trying not to make it obvious that he was terrified. "I need to talk to you," the corporal said, his emotionless face revealing nothing. Armin nodded silently and followed Levi to his office, albeit he really felt like running away and hiding. 

Once inside the immaculate office, Levi urged Armin to take a seat. The blonde complied, watching his superior's every move and trying to sense any hostility. Levi didn't look angry, though, jsut  bored. "Erwin decided that all the younger soldiers are going to be given this  stupid sex ed lecture, damn him. You know, because some of your parents didn't get a chance and the lot of you are idiots." 

Armin was too intrigued to catch the insult. Sex? He had heard the word before, whispered among the cadets, but never really understood it. None of his books mentioned it. His parents hadn't brought it up, either, and his grandfather certainly never did. He simply nodded and waited for Levi to continue.  

"I'll take it you're a newbie to this, then," Levi scoffed, seeing the curiousity in Armin's eyes. The boy looked at the floor in embarassment. "Not a big deal," the corporal sighed. "You aren't really expected to know much. Anyway, on with the lecture." He glanced down at the stack of papers in his hand. "'Sexual intercourse is used for one's own pleasure and to benefit the - fuck this, I'll give it to you how it really is." 

With that he looked Armin in the eye and began his own twisted summary of the lesson. "Sex is when you stick your dick in another guy or girl and mess around until you're happy. Fucking disgusting, I know." Armin, who was blushing madly, opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off. "Condoms, gay sex, oral," Levi murmured, sounding surprised as he skimmed over the papers. "BDSM? Who wrote these?" 

He finally looked back up."You've never fooled around with anybody before?" he asked. Armin shook his head violently. He still didn't really understand the concept of 'sex' at all, but he was pretty sure he had never participated in it. "Oh, come on. Not even with Jaeger?" 

"Eren and I never did anything like that!" Armin cried, offended that the corporal would even consider it. Levi shrugged. "it could happened. Now, oral pretty much explains itself. I'm pretty sure you can figure out how the gay shit works. Do you know what BDSM is?" Armin shooked his head. It sounded like some kind of disease. 

Levi sighed loudly, rubbing at imaginary stress lines on his forehead. "Bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism." Armin was slightly taken aback. Those words didn't sound very nice. Levi smirked at his reaction. "Basically one of you gets tied up, beaten and fucked. Not as bad as it sounds, actually." 

Before Armin could ask how Levi knew that, the lecture continued. "I'm guessing you don't know what condoms are, either." Another head shake. Levi threw something towards him at such a speed that he almost missed it. "That prevents disease and babies. Don't do anything without one." Armin nodded, fingering the small package. Levi didn't seem like he was going to slow down, so there was no point in asking questions.

"I guess that's about it," the corporal finally said, stacking the papers neatly and shooting the boy a 'get out of my office' glare. Armin was all too happy to obey. 

Bursting outside, he almost crashed headfirst into a wide-eyed Eren. "Hanji just told me about the weirdest thing," the shifter choked out, looking partially in shock. Armin sighed in relief. So he wasn't alone. "Let's go get some food," Eren suggested abruptly. "I need to take my mind off this." Armin agreed, glancing down at the condom he still held before shoving it into his back pocket. Levi had warned him not to do anything without it, after all.