The young girl clutched at her shawl. It wasn't that the night air bothered her, she enjoyed the cold, but it was the fact of her skimpy dress that caused her to cover. She wasn't used to wearing such things, but her best friend had told her to be "more adventurous"and gave her the short, low cut dress before she could make an argument. She stood by the curb,light shining on her brown hair, watching the road. Normally she dreaded social events but she knew this time, she would enjoy herself. All it took was him, he could make anything a joy. His composure was always so bright and happy, his features were handsome, and he was the sweetest most compassionate man she'd ever hope to meet, and she loved more than anyone else in the world, and would never forget everything he had done for her. Her heart skipped as she saw the familiar black car pull up, but something was...very odd. Instead of his normal angelic smile, he greeted her with more of a smirk, something she only saw on rare occasions. "It couldn't be...." She thought to herself "...that dark time was over and done..." She still smiled and hugged his neck like always. "I missed you!!" "I missed you too.." She was taken aback once again. "....that same dark voice..." "You look lovely, as usual! Such a nice dress~" "Thank you!" She said with a light blush, hoping into the front seat. The moon shone brightly in the night sky, and the world seemed completely perfect, so quiet and still...a bit...too quiet. "Ukyo...are you sure we're going the right way?" "Of course" he smiled in a rather devious manner. The car stopped. He placed his hand on the girl's, sending a chill down her spine. "....will you look me in the eyes?" He looked down at her smiling wickedly, grabbing her wrists and rubbing them softly, "He was nice enough to let me out~ You noticed!" The girl shook slightly. "Don't be afraid! Like I stated before...I don't want to hurt you...I just want to love you.." He leaned in, pressing his soft lips against hers. "Please don't push me away...I can show you that I love you as deeply as him...I just show it a bit...rougher.." He smirked at the last word. The girl swallowed, "Should she? What would her father think if he knew? Her mother? Her friends? What would she think of herself?" "I-I..." He kissed her again, lips melting against hers like soft honey. Her objections also melted away, leaving her completely trusting, stroking his beautiful green colored hair. His hand traveled lovingly down her back, unzipping her dress letting it fall to the floor. "Do you mind helping me with my shirt?" She nodded and shakily undid the buttons letting it drop to the ground as well. He nibbled on her ear and softly whispered into her ear. Her face flushed brightly. Hands drifted, lustfully , each grabbed each other like the sun would never rise again. She felt something warm and wet on her neck, sending a pleasurable sensation down her spine, causing her to give a slight moan. It pleased him to hear the sound, and he continued licking, going down further. The girl's face was engulfed in red, embarrassed beyond imagination but enjoying every second. He suddenly grabbed her wrist pushing her to the floor of the car, with a devious giggle. The young girl looked frightened. "I-I'm not sure I want soon.." He dug his nails into her wrist, leaning his face against hers. "Don't be scared~" His eyes suddenly turned back to normal size and his face to that of utter confusion. "W-what!??" He suddenly realized the...awkward position they were in. "I-I'M SO SORRY!! HE HURT YOU DIDN'T HE!?!" The poor boy started to cry. "No! He didn't hurt me!! Don't cry!!" She started to give him a hug then realized her state of undress and slinked away in embarrassment. "Hold on..." She slipped back into her dress and returned to the green haired man, who was staring at the wall. " was willing.." "We didn't go very far...." She hugged him gently. "It may be weird for you to understand this...but I feel incredibly jealous.." "It's not weird! But I'm sorry I made you feel that way..." "I-it's okay!...did you...enjoy it..." He looked at his feet. "It was a little rushed for me....but I did.." She leaned against his chest. "...but for right now...I much prefer cuddles.." They both smiled and Ukyo laid a kiss on her cheek. They fell asleep in each others arms as peaceful as can be.