Dear Mr and Mrs Winchester,

I am sorry to report that Dean has been assigned a detention.

As you know, little Dean is usually a very lazy and disruptive child. However, today I caught him smoking during class.

When I asked him to stop, he shouted, "GO SCREW YOURSELF" and began biting his friend Castiel Novak.

Dean aggravated the matter further by calling me a gross sheep and likening my balls to a horny pumpkin.

Dean was also in violation of the school uniform policy. I do not allow frilly panties at St. Bruno's School for the Mentally Ill.

St. Bruno's School for the Mentally Ill prides itself on being a loud and rude establishment. Thus we simply cannot have children smoking and biting on the premises. Added to which, my balls looks nothing like a pumpkin, as Mr Crowley will testify.

Please ensure that Dean attends detention tomorrow after school, and leaves his frilly clothing at home.

Yours sincerely,

Chuck Shurley